HARP -Home Affordable Refinance Program

Update 2016 Fannie Mae HARP- Home Affordable Refinance Program is still in effect until December 31, 2016. It is available for those mortgage applicants who need a hand with more lenient guidelines. The good news is that this refinance is for those who owe more on their home than the current value. There current goal … Read more

FHA- Streamline Refinance

Well, FHA has done it again, and this time it is a good thing.  FHA is offering a Streamline Refinance for lender with borrowers that have had their FHA mortgage prior to 6/01/2009. This FHA Streamline refinance is a no-cash out refinance.  There are some restrictions, and one of those is a very important one.  … Read more

Home Affordable Refinance Program Update 11/15/11

  The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has announced the extension of the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) until December 31, 2013; therefore any loan originated on or before this date in the Refi Plus program is eligible for these new features. The FHFA has also made changes to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) … Read more

HAMP -Home Affordable Modification Program

****This was posted in 2011 and the program is expiring 12/30/2016 unless it is renewed. I will follow up with some guidelines for you to pursue if the Home Affordable Modification is extended.  This was published from a long drawn out try for a modification to a lower rate. The best helpful advice for a … Read more